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Vincent Tarot

Psychic Tarot & Runes Reading

Vincent comes from a long lineage of psychics and has worked on both TV and Radio. He only does a limited number of readings each week to ensure a quality experience 1-2-1 Readings cost £55 and take around an hour.


His Psychic ability took off at the age of eight during a Meditation retreat and has excelled since then. He uses the Tarot of the Northern Shadows & Runes to conduct his readings. These beautiful cards are inspired by both Celtic & and Viking folklore. Vincent himself has Saxon/Celtic roots. He is a natural Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, and Rune Teacher. You are welcome to record your reading.

Your confidentiality is completely assured. Whilst a typical reading focuses on love, relationships, finance, and work, any aspect of your life can be addressed. To book please call or Text 07595 894805. Parties and one-to-one readings catered for. He has special offers on party bookings of 8 or more, with the hosts reading being free. (1-2-1) Vincent offers a full and in-depth reading this an hour and includes Tarot, Runes, Auras, Ribbons, shamanism, and clairvoyance, 

Vincent Takes a shamanic approach in readings focusing on healing as well as prediction. Rune Readings (Psychic) An ancient form of divination and Shamanic healing from Northern Europe. Precise insight into both your professional and personal life and raising your spiritual vibration.


All areas in life and spirit covered please
call: 07595 894805

Vincent Tarot & Runes Readings  Worcester,England,Please contact us for any queries

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