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Tarot & Rune Reading (Psychic)

£48 takes around an hour.

Vincent Takes a shamanic approach in readings a focus on healing as well as perdition. this includes Tarot, Rune, ribbons, aura, clairvoyance this costs £48. 

tel 07595 894805


Rune Readings (Psychic)

An ancient form of divination and shamanic healing from Northern Europe.

Precise insight into both your professional and personal life and raising your spiritual vibration.

tel 07595 894805

Ribbon Readings (Psychic)

Psychometry session, which involves reading energies that are held in all objects..

tel 07595 894805




Reiki Therapy (Healing)

Using hands-on healing therapy and channeling the natural life force energy.

helping to realign our physical and emotional well being.


Courses available on request.


tel 07595 894805

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